Switcheroo Proof-of-Concept Exploit for the Nintendo Switch

Want to install the Homebrew Launcher on your Nintendo Switch? Follow our guide here.

Developer Idan Asraf has uploaded proof-of-concept code for exploiting the CVE-2016-4657 vulnerability, which will allow future hacking of the Nintendo Switch.


The code is only shared for academic purposes and not a complete Switch hack. You cannot use the code here to hack your Nintendo Switch yet.

Reddit user simonmkwii stated that the [exploit only works on firmwares 1.0.0 to 2.0.0, so if you’re on 3.x and above, this doesn’t apply to you.

Don’t worry however, hacking team ReSwitched have managed to obtain full access to the Nintendo Switch’s hardware on firmware versions 4.1.0 and below.

Switcheroo Repo


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