Nintendo Switch CFW releasing Summer 2018

Want to install the Homebrew Launcher on your Nintendo Switch? Follow our guide here.

The highly successful Nintendo Switch Hacking Team ReSwitched have been tearing through each firmware at an alarming rate, with full access to all Switch hardware on firmware versions 4.1.0 and below. With the console only being out for a year, this is one of that fastest consoles to ever be hacked.


The team released a statement on their official Discord Server regarding the release date of their new Nintendo Switch CFW, named “Atmosphère”, including an estimated time of release and further info on the software.

Hey, we’ve got a bit of an update on the timelines of interest:

  • Atmosphere is shooting for a publically usable build this Summer using Fusée Gelée on all firmwares (for current hardware revisions), and possibly sooner on 1.0.0 via Jamais Vu.
  • Users on <= 4.1.0 are still advised not to update, as upgrading is liable to make getting homebrew/cfw somewhat less convenient.

Remember that, as stated, it is not recommend to update past 4.1.0 at the moment.


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