Linux on Nintendo Switch

Want to install the Homebrew Launcher on your Nintendo Switch? Follow our guide here.

With not so much as a word, fail0verflow tweeted today the image above. Yes, that’s right. Linux on the Nintendo Switch.

Linux on Nintendo Switch

Along with the ReSwitched hacking team’s 3.x Trustzone Exploit, and previously demonstrated bugs it seems the Switch hacking community is shaping up already.

This is in part achieved due to the fact that the Nintendo Switch uses a Tegra X1, a SoC used by Android devices, and given the open-source nature of Android and the availability of kernel code, it is easier to hack the Switch than other systems in years past.

While the fail0verflow team will most likely not release this exploit, it demonstrates two things: the “hackability” of the system, and that it is indeed possible to boot GNU/Linux on it. Even if it is not released, other developers can follow suit and potentially allow for the booting of Linux.

What do you think about Linux running on the Switch? With this development, this could in the future lead to perhaps running Android on the device. Right now it seems the possibilities for Switch modding are endless.



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