HENkaku Enso Source Code Released

Want to install homebrew on your PS Vita? Follow our guide here.

Molecule released the HENkaku Enso source code today, 6 months after its original release. HENkaku Enso is a consistent permament CFW exploit for the PS Vita, which installs HENkaku on boot.

HENkaku Enso

HENkaku allows you to install custom, user-made applications onto your console, including emulators and other tools. If you are looking to hack your PS Vita or PSTV, follow this guide.

Molecule advises you to not use the source, and to use the pre-built package on their website, as installing modified source code may result in an unrecoverable brick and your device will be made unusable. They say that “even if you just change the logo, there’s a good chance you will perma-brick your Vita”. You have been warned.

You can find yifan_lu’s writeup of Enso here.


You need vitasdk.

  1. make the payload
  2. Copy fat.bin to installer/res
  3. CMake the installer mkdir build && cd build && cmake .. && make

Firmware specific offsets are in first.c and nsbl.h. Logo is raw framebuffer data gzipped. If you make this too big (bigger than original logo size), you WILL perma-brick your Vita.

The source is for advanced users only. Users should download the prebuilt package. If something goes wrong, you WILL perma-brick your Vita. There is no recovery, even if you have a hardware mod. The only possible recovery is if you have a hardware mod and you dump the eMMC before getting bricked, then you can restore the dump. Dumps are device-specific and encrypted with a device-specific key.

Again, even if you just change the logo, there's a good chance you will perma-brick your Vita. You have been warned.



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