HENkaku Enso for 3.65 Released

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For the past three weeks we’ve been hearing news about a HENkaku Enso port for 3.65, and Vita Hacker and Developer TheFloW finally released his upgrade tool for updating to 3.65 with HENkaku Enso.


This is a tool for updating from 3.60, and not installing from 3.65. If you were hoping to install HENkaku from 3.61 or above, prepare to be disappointed.

Why should I install this?

This tool allows you to install and run any games which required a firmware of 3.61 to 3.65. This was one of the major flaws of having HENkaku previously, but now they can run fine.

You will also be able to activate your Vita, access the PSN Store again, and download all your purchased games, without any other software modifications.

Are there any risks?

If you install this, you will not be able to downgrade to 3.60 if you don’t like having Enso on 3.65.

You will also risk losing homebrew until another exploit releases. If you semi-brick the system and are forced to restore the firwmare, you will lose HENkaku. If you reflash the 3.65 PUP, you will lose HENkaku. If you install applications that modify the os0: and vs0: partitions, or modify them yourself, you risk losing HENkaku. Formatting the system will not delete HENkaku, however.

Also, some other applications might not work on 3.65 and will require porting over. This is only a temporary issue however.

How do I install?

Follow our guide here to install. We will not be held responsible for any damage done to your system.


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