HENkaku Enso 3.65 Tests for Vita Successful

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If you didn’t know, Vita hacker and developer TheFloW has recently been working on a HENkaku Enso port for 3.65. This means, users which are already on 3.60, can update to 3.65 while keeping HENkaku. This does not mean that HENkaku will be installable from stock 3.65. If you are on 3.61 or above, this does not apply to you.

Recently on Twitter TheFlow posted that 15 testers have successfully installed HENkaku Enso on 3.65, and most have installed and reported their tests as successful. TheFloW stated that hopefully he should be able to release the software by the end of the month.

One rumor which has been going around is that you will lose HENkaku Enso on 3.65 after formatting, and be stuck without a way to reinstall HENkaku. This has been confirmed false by TheFlow. He also has mentioned that: if you are on 3.65, stay there and wait for a permanent hack, as there is no way to downgrade from 3.67. Most of his programs, and the SD2Vita plugins, have all been ported to 3.65, so you won’t have to worry about compatibility errors.

Please do not ask TheFloW on Twitter about the upcoming release. You are not able to install this on 3.61 or above, and it will be released when it’s ready. If you would like to support his efforts towards the Vita scene, consider donating to him via PayPal here.


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