Electra Tweak Roundup - March 2018

If you’ve recently installed Electra on your iOS device and wondering what to install next, here’s a list of must have tweaks to get you going.



Eclipse beta 10, available for free on the repo https://gmoran.me/repo/

After some major issues with the first few betas, (namely extreme battery drain) Eclipse has really snuck into my day to day use and something I wish Apple would really implement. You can use the beta versions for free, but donors of $0.99 or more will receive a complimentary copy of Eclipse upon final release.

BioProtect X


BioProtect X (iOS 11 version) is available at http://limnos.net/repo/

BioProtect is a tweak that you’ll really wish was a stock iOS feature. It brings TouchID security to any and all apps you want, so it’ll require your fingerprint to access any locked apps.



NoctisXI is available on the repo https://packix.ioscreatix.com/

While the tweak is $1.50, it is well worth it. NoctisXI brings a finishing touch to the dark mode that Eclipse brings. Noctis features a dark widgets page, dark notifications, and a dark now playing widget on the lock screen.



EzRespring is available on http://m4cs.yourepo.com/

EzRespring is a fairly simple tweak, adding a respring toggle to the control center. This has been an essential tweak for me, instead of having respring manually via other tweaks.

NewTerm 2

NewTerm 2

NewTerm 2 is available on the repo https://cydia.hbang.ws/

NewTerm 2 is a terminal for iOS. This terminal is compatible with iOS 11, and doesn’t require the use of async_wake every time, unlike MTerminal-Jailed, by AppleBetas.

Moveable 9

Movable 9

Moveable 9 is available from the repo http://tateu.net.repo/

Moveable 9 is a complete status bar customizing tweak! It allows you to fully customize all the elements that are in the status bar. I have grown to love customizing my iPhone and this makes it so easy.


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